Serving the Harlem Community Since 1983
Who is ECDO?

ECDO, Inc’s “Forever Harlem” movement embraces all that is new and exciting about Harlem and its continued growth and revitalization. We have successful, relevant and hands on experience providing services that speak to the needs of all of Harlem’s residents, be it children through ECDO Early Childhood Educational and Daycare Services including Universal Pre-K; Young Adults through our Youth Mentoring Program and all residents of Harlem though our Employment Services and the extensive development of Affordable Housing and Home Ownership.

Our Mission

ECDO, Forever Harlem is a not for profit community based organization with over 30 years experience providing community based, human, social and economic services to the residents of Harlem.

ECDO, Forever Harlem is continually committed to improving the overall quality of life to residents of Harlem, from the development of affordable housing, educational services at ECDO’s Early Childhood Educational Center to making a significant difference to thousands of young adults through youth mentoring programs and employment and placement services to all residents of Harlem.

It is the organization’s goal to assist residents of Harlem with a sense of community and a sense of personal empowerment.